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Grafted Fruit Trees – Bear Rooted Start From $25 Discount For Bulk Buying


Grafted fruit trees in stock
Many kinds and varities
Including lots of 2 way and 3 way grafted trees

Discount for bulk buying

Price starts $25

Available list
‘Gala’ Apple, Tree
‘Golden Delicious’ Apple, Tree
‘Pink Lady™_ CV. ‘Cripp’s Pink’ Apple, Tree
‘Naga Fu No. 2’ Red Fuji Apple, Tree
‘Dwarf Apple ‘Gala’, Tree
“Dwarf Apple Pink Lady™ cv. Cripp’s Pink’, Tree
‘Dwarf Apple ‘Red Fuji’, Tree
‘Bolero’ Apple – Ballerina®, Tree
‘Flamenco’ Apple – Ballerina®, Tree
‘Waltz’ Apple – Ballerina®, Tree
‘Trixzie® Apple Pink Lady™-cv ‘Cripp’s Pink’, Tree
‘All-in-One™cv. Zaione’ Almond, Tree
‘Divinity’ Apricot, Tree
‘Moorpark’ Apricot, Tree
‘Moorpark” Apricot, Tree
‘Trevatt’ Apricot, Tree
‘Lapins’ Cherry, Tree
‘Royal Rainier’ Cherry, Tree
‘Stella’ Cherry, Tree
‘Black Genoa’ Fig, Tree
‘Brown Turkey’ Fig, Tree
‘Anzac’ Peach, Tree
‘Crimson Rocket’ Peach, Tree
‘Elberta’ Peach, Tree
‘Golden Queen’ Peach, Perfect Potting
‘OkeeDokee® Peach cv. ‘Orcino’, Tree
“Nijisseiki’ Asian Pear, Tree
‘Angelina’ Plum, Tree
‘Sugar’ Plum, Tree
‘Mariposa’ Plum, Tree
‘Primetime’ Plum, Tree
‘Santa Rosa’ Plum Tree

Super Dwarf Apple Golden Delicious
Super Dwarf Apple Jonathan
Super Dwarf Apple Red Delicious
Columnar Apple Cumulus
Columnar Apple Harmony Medium
Columnar Apple Herald
Dwarf Apricot Moorpark Rods
Dwarf Apricot Trevatt Medium
Dwarf Peach Golden Queen Medium
Dwarf Peach Indian N/A Sorry
Dwarf Plum a-okay
Dwarf Plum Mariposa
“Dwarf Plum Mariposa Medium
Dwarf Plum Narrabeen
Dwarf Plum Sugar Medium
Dwarf Prune Robe De Sergeant
Semi Dwarf Apple Red Fuji
Semi Dwarf Apple Magnus Summer Surprise
Apricot Moorpark
Cherry Lapins
Cherry Morello
Cherry Sir Don
Cherry Sir Don Medium
Cherry Stella
Nectarine Goldmine
Peach Golden Queen
Pear Baby Face
Plum Mariposa
Plum Satsuma
Plum Sugar
Hazelnut – Barcelona
Persimmon Dwarf Jiro Small
Pomegranate Seedling
Quince Champion
Quince Pineapple
Prunus serrulata Erecta Amanogawa Small
Prunus serrulata Shimidsu Sakura
Prunus serrulata Tai Haku
Malus Charlottae
Malus Golden Hornet
Malus Spectablis Small
Malus loensis Plena Medium
Syringa Congo
Syringa Primrose Small
Cercis siliquastrum Showgirl Size 2
Fraxinus excelsior Aurea Size 2
Magnolia Black Tulip Size 1
Magnolia Cleopatra Size 1
Magnolia Genie Size 1 no
Weeping Acer Pal Dissectum Size 1
Weeping Malus Echtermeyer Tall
Weeping Betula pendula Young Short
Weeping Prunus Cheals Tall
Weeping Prunus x snofozam Tall
Weeping Morus alba Pendula Tall
Weeping Morus alba Pendula Short Small Hea
And more . Pls message us and checking the availability

Plant Height 0cm
Pot Size 0mm


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