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Conifer collection price starts from $10


Pencil pine
20 cm $14/ $15
25cm-$55 (SOLD)
Hardy conical-shaped conifer with a slender habit of very tight, aromatic blue-green foliage. H:4m in 10 years

One of the narrowest of all conifers, this medium to tall, column-shaped, evergreen shrub has blue-grey foliage and grows moderately fast.

Lemon Scented Cypress -$15
The brilliant golden foliage is prevalent year round providing a dramatic and colourful appearance.

Thuja Golden Biota
A popular, rounded, compact shrub with dense, glowing foliage that is bright golden-yellow through spring and summer, turning slightly bronzed in winter. H:1m

Swane’s Gold
25cm -$40
A slow growing, narrow, upright conifer. The foliage is flecked with golden yellow with deeper golden tips.

Thuja occidentalis Smaragd -$15
A hardy, low maintenance conifer with a compar
pyramidal shape and brilliant, emerald green foliage throughout the year. An adaptable shri with many uses in the landscape.
HEIGHT & SPREAD: Around 2m (H) x 75cm (W), in approx 10 yea

Araucaria columnaris $25
Narrow evergreen conifer
Full sun
Generally pest and disease free



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